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PS4 Bundle Includes One of Four Hit Titles
PS4 Bundle Includes One of Four Hit Titles

PlayStation 4 Bundle Includes One of Four Hit Titles

PlayStation 4 sales have been doing pretty well, with over 15 millions consoles already sold. As incentive to those who have not picked up a PlayStation 4 yet, Sony will now be bundling the system with one of four hit titles.

On the PlayStation Blog, Sony announced that the “Four Games. One pick. PlayStation 4 bundle” is now available in the U.S. for $399.99. While the bundle is the same price as a normal PlayStation 4, the 500GB system will now come with one of four games: Destiny, NBA 2K15, Little Big Planet 3, or Far Cry 4. The system comes with an online voucher that gamers can redeem to receive their free game.

The first game that gamers can receive is Destiny. The game has exclusive content on the PlayStation 4, including a multiplayer map and additional strike mission. The first DLC pack, The Dark Below, is coming soon, and will also contain exclusive content on Sony’s system. The second game that players can receive is Far Cry 4. The game takes gamers to a region in the Himalayas, which is struggling under the regime of a self-appointed king. The game comes with PlayStation 4 exclusive “Keys to Kyrat” feature that allows players to send out up to 10 keys to their PSN friends, and will allow them to play in a two-hour co-op session, even if both players do not own the game.

The third game that can be chosen is NBA 2K15. The title features enhanced graphics and gameplay from previous titles. PlayStation 4 owners get an exclusive 10,000 VC Bonus, and PlayStation Plus members also get a MyTeam Card Pack. The fourth and final game that can be chosen in the bundle is Little Big Planet 3. The game features many brand new tools that gamers can use to create their own custom levels and games, and now allows players to choose between 4 different characters to play as.

The PlayStation 4 bundle comes just in time for the holidays.

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