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Sons of Anarchy The Prospect will follow the Telltale games formula
Sons of Anarchy will be getting a mobile adaptation thanks to Kurt Sutter

First Sons of Anarchy The Prospect Teaser

Sons of Anarchy has gotten a spin off game and the first footage has been shown on YouTube. The video was first shared by Kurt Sutter, who created the popular television series, on his Twitter. The game is titled Sons of Anarchy The Prospect. The teaser trailer shows the player character riding a bike through heavy traffic during a rainstorm. Then the player is given a gun by another member, while text states, “Every decision counts.” This statement, coupled with the Fox Digital Entertainment comment that Sons of Anarchy The Prospect will be released episodically, leads some to believe it will be a game in the same form of Telltale’s recent series. The graphics are sufficient for a mobile title, and all actions occur from the first person perspective. Sutter is the writer, producer, director, and actor for Sons of Anarchy on FX. Sons of Anarchy ran from September 2008 to December 2014 where it ended after 7 seasons.

Developer Orpheus Interactive has no previous products, Sons of Anarchy The Prospect will be their first creation. Their site claims that the team is made up of AAA veteran developers and are focused on telling great stories. The game’s site has nothing on it besides an option to subscribe via email for the latest news and has a release window of “coming in 2015.” The game is also being made in association with Silverback Games who have primarily created point and click games, much like the Telltale series. Some of their games include Empress of the Deep The Darkest Secret and Beast of the Lycan Isle. The developer is based in Halifax, Canada and was founded in 2007.


Sutter has previously attempted to create a spin off game for Sons of Anarchy, which was reported to be dead in the water in late 2012. However, in February of 2014 Sutter proclaimed that the game was once again in production and, “i cannot give you anymore details, but i will tell you that –there will definitely be an SOA GAME. and it’s pretty fucking awesome.”

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