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iPad 3 rumors
Tim Cook is rumored to feature this exact same face at the iPad 3 launch event.

iPad Air 3 rumors already talking about Apple A9 processor and 2 GB of RAM

As most of us techies already know by now, no gadget launches without immediately being followed by rumors about its successor. This is certainly also true when it comes to the Apple iPad Air 2 and the tentatively entitled iPad Air 3, which needless to say hasn’t been announced yet. As always, that didn’t stop the rumor mill and we’re already hearing about various upgrades expected to be added to the next installment of Apple’s popular tablet series. Actually, the chattering started last year but is only now starting to pick up speed. One of the most interesting rumors I’ve heard is that the device will actually not be called iPad Air 3, but rather iPad 7.

Presumably, Apple will choose this name because the tablet will be the seventh full sized iPad, although I couldn’t find any better reasons for why the company wouldn’t just go with iPad Air 3. They know that’s the name we all expect. But maybe they want to surprise us, who knows. The next juicy rumor is related to multiple Apple products, including the successor to the iPad Air 2. Word on the street is that the Cupertino-based company wants to double the amount of RAM found on both the iPhone 7 and the iPad Air 3. This was reported by 9to5mac a while ago and the rumor apparently originated in Taiwan. It goes without saying that many Apple fans would be extremely happy if this ends up to be true, but we’ll try not to get too excited for now, just in case.

Finally, rumor has it that the the iPad Air 3 will come equipped with a new Apple A9 processor, which is also expected to be present on the iPhone 7. Out of all these rumors, this seems to be the most believable at this time judging by the fact that Apple has been very diligent in providing increasingly better CPUs with each new generation. Naturally, we also expect to see a new operating system version, namely the iOS 9. That said, remember to take all these rumors with a grain of salt until we manage to learn some more solid details.

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