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Acer Windows Phones coming to the MWC

New Windows Phones coming from Acer in March

Acer has announced that it would be launching new Windows Phones in March, after a long two year break from the platform. Since 2012, Acer has been focusing its products around Android, even though the company had launched a Windows Phone running W4 handset in 2012.  CEO Jason Chen confirmed this week that the company is planning to announce a couple of new Windows Phones at MWC 2015 in Barcelona.

According to Acer CEO, the new Windows Phones will not be flagship devices, as the company wants to create smartphones for the entry-level market. That means that while we probably won’t be surprised at what the company launches at the MWC, the prices might be of interest to many. Microsoft has demoed the new Windows Phone platform a couple of times and leaks of it running on a Nokia Lumia handset showed that the platform is getting ahead in development.

While we don’t expect the Acer Windows Phones to come with anything more than Windows 8.1, we do expect great prices and decent smartphones. Chen also said that Acer is open to a merger, something that has been proposed to the company in the past few weeks. He didn’t disclose which company wanted to buy up the company’s smartphone market, saying only that it was a high-end smartphone vendor. We can’t speculate on the matter just yet, as there is little information about what kind of partnership Acer is planning for the future. Nonetheless, the company will still be running its smartphone business in the meantime, even if a buy-out is being discussed.

We have a lot to look forward to at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year, including flagship launches like the Galaxy S6, LG G4 and HTC One M9. Acer adds a bit to the excitement with the mysterious Windows Phones it wants to launch. Even though the company said that no flagship phones are in the line-up, there still exists the possibility of a surprise.

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