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Are Microsoft Lumia phones coming to the MWC?

Microsoft Lumia phones coming to the MWC

Microsoft Lumia phones are supposedly coming to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona starting on March 2nd. The company hasn’t disclosed official information about the alleged Microsoft Lumia phones that are in the works, but rumors say we will be seeing two different phones surface at the show. Allegedly, the new phones will run on the company’s brand new Windows 10 for phones OS, although it seems a bit early in our opinion.

The two Microsoft Lumia devices allegedly scheduled for a March appearance won’t be flagship devices, as the company’s revenue reports pointed out that entry-level and mid-range devices were more popular among users than flagship devices. With that in mind, it is more likely that the MWC will host an entry-level and a mid-range Microsoft Lumia device, with affordable prices and decent specs.

If Windows 10 for phones will be ready by the time the show starts, it is possible that the new Microsoft Lumia devices might come with the new OS, but we don’t think development of the mobile operating system is so far ahead. Alas, we could be wrong, since all we can rely on is sneak peeks of the OS, as with Windows 10 for desktops. We can speculate upon what devices the company is planning for the show, but take it with a grain of salt as there is no official word from Microsoft.

First off, our best guess as to what kind of Microsoft Lumia phone will make an appearance is a low-end Lumia 830, which has surfaced in a few leaks recently. Allegedly, the handset will come with a 5 inch 720p display, a Snapdragon 400 CPU, 1 GB RAM, 8 GB expandable internal storage and an 8.7 MP camera on the rear. While we are not sure if the leaks are accurate or real in fact, we do expect some sort of launch on the part of Microsoft. As far as we know, the company could also decide on releasing a brand new Microsoft Lumia flagship, too. That remains to be seen.

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