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Monolith Seeking Indie Developer

The Condemned franchise has been dormant for years, however a recent development may see it return. Jace Hall, the CEO and founder of Monolith Productions, has taken to Facebook to get feedback on a new approach for creating the next entry in this first-person psychological thriller series. Mr. Hall would like to find an “interested and proven” indie development team. That team would be allowed to take over the franchise and move it forward.

“I helped to create a video game console franchise called ‘Condemned.’ I currently own the entire franchise.

There have been 2 game titles released for the franchise, ‘Condemned: Criminal Origins’ and ‘Condemned: Bloodshot’ – they both did well, and I am consistently asked when a third game might be created.

Since I am focused on other things, and will be for quite some time, this franchise is just sitting there.

I am contemplating finding an interested and proven Indie development team AND PROVIDING IT TO THEM, so that they can take over the franchise and move it forward.” – an excerpt from the Facebook post

Mr. Hall appears to be looking for team that would require no financial support from Monolith Productions in order to develop Condemned 3. However that doesn’t mean there isn’t an upside for the development team. It can be very hard for an indie developer to get noticed. The Condemned franchise is “quite known, has market demand, and is in an innovative genre/category.” This may be attractive to a developer that has the means and experience to make this game.

Monolith Productions does have a few video game series that have not seen new releases in over a decade. One of those franchises is the No One Lives Forever, a first-person stealth spy shooter. The games are set in the 1960’s and feature a very stylistic representation of the era in the spirit of spy films. To this day the series has a devoted following.  If an indie developer is able to create the next installment in the Condemned franchise, then it may be possible for No One Lives Forever and other classic series to be resurrected at some point in the future.

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