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Ludum Dare 32

Ludum Dare 32 winners – if games were jam, which would have the best graphics?

Do you like games? How about being given them for free? How about being given exactly 2821 free games crafted around a thought-provoking central theme? I’m going to go ahead and assume that you didn’t reply to any of those questions, because you’re probably reading this at work or sitting at your computer in your underwear. Only a weirdo would talk to an online news article in their underwear, and I know you. You’re no weirdo. But if you had replied, I’m sure you would have said ‘Yes. God, yes. Yes, yes and yes’. Well, you’re in luck. The winners of Ludum Dare 32, one of the world’s most popular game jams, have just been announced, as PC Gamer reports. The overall winner was named as BED*HOGG, and individual winners have been announced too in categories like Innovation, Audio, Fun and, of course, Coolness.

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I’m not much of a computer mechanism wizard, but I do know that video games and jam should always be combined. And who could disagree when you get games like this? BED*HOGG, for instance, is an incredibly cute Nidhogg homage that replaces swords with pillows. Also worth checking out are assassin game Badass Inc and platformer ¡WHOA pizza!. I’m listening to ¡WHOA pizza!’s soundtrack on a loop as I type this. Rhythm action game The Rock, The Paper and The Scissors is good enough that its makers have already decided to expand on the version from Ludum Dare 32 and release it commercially under the name Rhythm Ranger. And there are loads more good games that I haven’t had time to look at yet.

Have you read the last two paragraphs but still have no idea what a Ludum Dare 32 might be used for? Ludum Dare is a thrice-yearly games development competition. Participants create a game following a certain theme in two days – this time, the theme was ‘An Unconventional Weapon’. Notch, of Minecraft and being incredibly rich fame, has taken part in quite a few in the past. They’re very good experiments, if a good experiment involves lots of free games being made, judged and then released for you to play.

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