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Say bye to the Samsung logo in Japan

Samsung logo dropped from Galaxy S6, but only on Japanese releases

Apparently, Samsung is dropping its logo from the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones that are to be sold in Japan in the future. There has been no exact reason provided for dropping of the Samsung logo, but it was confirmed by a company representative that all Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge models that are going to be sold in Japan will not have company branding on their glass back panels.

Japanese fans of the company who are intending to buy the Galaxy S6 or its edgy brother should not rejoice yet, as they won’t be getting a brandless smartphone just yet. According to the company, the standard Samsung logo will be replaced by the Docomo Galaxy or the Docomo au Galaxy writing. Docomo is a carrier in Japan, so actually people will be getting even more unaesthetic writing on their smartphones, which is not good news. Although this move seems like part of Samsung’s attempt to gain more market share and more popularity in the country, it doesn’t seem like a very smart move, as it might lead consumers on to think that the Galaxy S6 that is being sold there is just a carrier smartphone.

However, we’ve no idea if Softbank, the other major carrier in Japan, will be benefiting of the same type of Galaxy S6 units that are missing the Samsung logo. So far, confirmation is live only for Docomo smartphones and sources say that Samsung actually thinks that if Japanese people don’t see the Samsung logo on their phones, they will be able to sell more of them. Seeing as profits for the South Korean company weren’t that great last year, especially in Japan were Apple is most popular, the motivation behind the change is understandable. In my opinion, it would have been better if the Samsung logo was scraped and the phones were actually left with no branding, as branding is usually not very pleasing.

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