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Yotaphone 2

YotaPhone 2 Reaches Crowdfunding Goal in Less Than 5 Hours

When talking about innovating ideas within the Smartphone industry only a few come to mind.  However there is a clear company that holds that number one spot at the top as a shiny beacon of bringing things to the table that will change the game of mobile devices completely.  This company is Yota Devices, and with their eyes set on the future they look to crowdfunding to get their unique ideas into the U.S.  Yota Devices was founded in 2009 and are a Moscow based company.

Their YotaPhone 2 premiered later in the year of 2014, but now they wish to bring their innovative phone to the U.S. through the crowdfunding site IndieGoGo.  In just 5 hours they not only achieved their goal of $50,000, but the amount is still rapidly going up and will most likely hit $100,000 before the day is over.  Why the hype?  What makes the YotaPhone 2 so unique and innovative is that it features TWO screens, one and HD display screen and on the other side an E-Ink display.  Now this might sound weird to you but with a simply search on google you will find many testimonies about just how amazing this system works and how it completely changes the game of smartphone on the go.  Both screens are touch screens and the E-Ink screen is able to be read in heavy sunlight and increases your phones battery life exponentially.

Now with the YotaPhone’s already achieved success on IndieGoGo we will already be looking to see a YotaPhone in the U.S. fairy soon.  However if you want to contribute to the stretch goals then head over to their profile on IndieGoGo, there are still a few packages left with some amazing add ons that you won’t want to miss. Including a Free protective Bumper case that is an addition $10 savings.  Yota Devices are here to change the industry around and I for one, can not wait for what they have in store in the future, according to them anything is possible.

Do you think that the dual screen feature is one that you would switch your current phone in for right now?  Let us know in the comment section below.

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