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Need for Speed Reboot Will Require An Online Connection

The official Need for Speed twitter account has revealed that the upcoming Need for Speed reboot will always require an internet connection to play.

The Need for Speed Twitter account went on to answer¬†dozens of questions from fans. Many questions regarding as to how the “always online” component will benefit Need for Speed were met with vague answers like how it’ll “push the boundaries of the overall experience.” They also mentioned that being connected with friends will improve the narrative experience. Not exactly much to go on. Thankfully, they did say that Need for Speed will have dedicated servers, and that there is a single player component.

This news is particularly worrisome considering EA’s past forays into cramming constant internet connection into games that didn’t need it, like Sim City. Need for Speed Rivals had an element of online connectivity, and as a result was lauded by fans for problematic disconnects and network issues. Hopefully EA and Ghost have learned their past mistakes. Need for Speed will be getting an official unveiling at E3 on June 15th with a new gameplay trailer and will be releasing this fall.

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