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Pokemon Stars is rumored to be a Nintendo Switch Pokemon RPG

It is known that each pokemon generation has certain core games, Generation I had Red and Blue, Generation II had Gold and Silver, and those core games are usually followed by a sister game that is essentially an improved version of both, like Pokemon Yellow or Pokemon Crystal. Consoles can also get Pokemon RPGs that feature battles and a continuous adventure, like Pokemon Colosseum or Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness. However, in twenty years of existence, there has never been a Pokemon core or sister game released on a console, but that could change if the rumors are true, because multiple sources have stated that a sister game to the recently released Pokemon Sun and Moon will be released on the Nintendo Switch at some point in the second half of 2017, it will be called Pokemon Stars and it will improve on many aspects of Pokemon Sun and Moon.

The idea of making a third core generation Pokemon game was left behind after Pokemon Platinum, but Game Freak is bringing it back and for the first time, it will release on a console. Pokemon Stars will feature trade capabilities with Sun and Moon, high resolution assets due to the Switch’s higher hardware power, and it could feature more pokemons than the other two versions.  It was originally supposed to release on Summer 2017 before being pushed due to its development being temporarily stopped to focus on polishing Sun and Moon before their release, more details about Pokemon Stars are currently unknown due to the mysterious nature of the Nintendo Switch, but most things (like in other sister games) will remain the same, like the map design or the main towns.

Honestly, as someone who grew up with Pokemon, these are very exciting news. Having a Pokemon RPG on the Switch could be an exciting experiment that proves to Nintendo that consoles can also have mainline pokemon games, only time will tell if the rumors are true, so until then you can pick up Pokemon Sun and Moon and enjoy a completely new generation.


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