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Marvel vs Capcom 4 could be announced soon

2016 is a very important year for the Marvel vs Capcom franchise, as it represents its 20th year anniversary. Ever since the release of X-men vs Street Fighter back in 1996 for the Sony PlayStation and the Sega Saturn, this franchise saw constant sequels until Capcom lost the Marvel license right after launching Marvel vs Capcom 2 in the year 2000, after which Capcom had to wait until 2011 to buy the license back and release the long awaited Marvel vs Capcom 3. In 2013, the license was lost once again and the future of Marvel vs Capcom was seen as rather grim, with many speculating that a new entry in the series would likely never happen. However, rumors that could change everything started to appear during the last week, because according to some insiders of the Fighting Game Community, Marvel vs Capcom 4 could be announced at the annual fighting game tournament known as the Capcom Cup or at Playstation Experience 2016.

The rumor started when a Neogaf thread was created mentioning that Neogaf user Ryce commented that he and a group of users “were told about a Marvel vs. Capcom 4 announcement at PSX” after which the thread received over 200 posts of excited marvel fans and cynical gamers that did not believe on the possibility. Rumors picked up speed when twitter user Lance Lingos (who had before leaked information regarding Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3) said in a tweet that “Supposedly things are happening at #PSX #CapcomCup this year” which drove fans even more nervous and desperate. Considering Capcom’s exclusivity with Street Fighter V there is a possibility that, if Marvel vs Capcom 4 does happen, it will release exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PC.

Watching the Fighting Game Community hype over the possibility of Marvel vs Capcom 4 is both beautiful and tragic, people have already gone crazy and have started making their own rosters and possible inclusions, which just makes the possibility of it just being a rumor that much more heartbreaking. Hopefully its real and we can scream loud into the air “ITS MAHVEL BAYBEE”.

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