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Apple Announces New iPod Lineup

Yesterday, Apple unveiled new entries to its iPod line-up – the sixth generation iPod Touch, and a new iPod nano and Shuffle. The new iPod Touch will be available in a vibrant array of colours, and boasts improved specs, bringing it in-line with the iPhone 6. This means that it will feature a 8 mega-pixel iSight camera, A8 processor, as well as an M8 coprocessor – which enables more accurate fitness tracking. Visually, it shares the same slimmed down, small stature, of its predecessor – with the same 4-inch 640p screen.

The new iPod Touch is available now for the following prices: £159 for the 16GB model, £199 for the 32GB model, £249 for the 64GB model, £329 for the 128GB model. There will be several colour options to pick from: Silver, Gold, Space-Grey, Pink, Blue, and Red – part of the ‘Product Red’ scheme which provides a percentage of the profits to help stamp out AIDs in Africa.

The iPod Nano will be available for £129, whereas the Shuffle will setback users a paltry £40. Both will be available in the same colours as the Touch.

In February last year, Apple CEO, Tim Cook, admitted that iPod was a “declining business.” The iPod Classic was removed from stores later in the year, with the company shifting greater support to the iPhone product line, which overtook the iPod back in 2010.

The latest iPod line-up arrives just in time to take advantage of Apple’s new Music service, but will not benefit from all of Apple’s features and services. None of the iPod line has a Finger-print sensor, or an NFC chip, which is also absent; meaning that Apple Pay will not be supported.





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