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Portable Gaming: Three Ways to Play Whilst on the Go

We’ve come a long way since the days of 8-bit Pokémon on a two-inch black and white screen. Gaming, handheld consoles and on the go entertainment is better than ever. The tech, the hardware, the games themselves – long-haul flights have never seemed so easy. From Angry Birds on your smartphone to some of the greatest AAA games available wherever there’s a Wi-Fi connection, here are three of the best ways to play whilst out and about.

The Smartphone: Downloads, 3G and Great Apps

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Pokémon Go, Candy Crush, puzzle-solving madness and cat hotel glee. The app store is endless and the imagination of game developers excessive. Despite the limited hardware and processing power available on your smartphone, there are still great games to be had – just don’t expect HD graphics anytime soon. Whether you’re a gamer of the hardcore variety or the common or garden casual, the slim black square in your pocket as just as much a console as a PlayStation or PS4 if utilised correctly.

Online play is easily accessed via 3G and roaming data, and connecting with your friends is super simple because of it. It’s not just apps, either. There are in-browser games and sites with slots, texas hold ’em and bets and wagers available if that’s more your thing, and it doesn’t cost a fortune to get started – there are different casino bonuses available to spend on any number of different games that multiply your deposit or provide free credit. So blast some pigs with a big red bird, roll the dice or fight your way through the zombie-slaying madness. Whatever happens to take your fancy.

Nintendo as King With the Switch and 3DS

Nintendo is the undisputable king of portable gaming, and whilst there’s certainly been competition over the years, their brand and tech still stand strong to this day. With the recent release of their newest console, the Switch (both an at-home on television machine and a handheld device) their reputation as such is only further cemented in the annals of gaming history. With a ferociously large library of titles available across both the Switch console and their alternative 3DS, there really is no excuse for boredom on the long train commute anymore. Either console, or both, provide customers with great entertainment. The Switch is the technically superior machine by far, but the 3DS does have its advantages: exclusive games, 3D functionality, a smaller size and longer battery life all work in its favour. Whichever you choose, know that you choose wisely.

PS4 Remote – A Brand New Way to Play

ps4 remote
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At-home console gamers will be big fans of this one. Owners of both a PlayStation 4 and a Sony phone, from the Xperia series for example, can connect their devices and engage in remote play. Your smartphone becomes your game screen – no more siblings, parents, roommates or partner giving you stick for hogging the television all day. Simply grab the wireless controller, get set up in whatever position is comfortable and start gaming.

The one caveat? It’s mostly limited to use within a household. Players won’t be roaming far and with the PS4, rather, they have the convenience of using it in bed, in the bathroom or at the kitchen. Whilst not truly portable in the strictest sense, it will certainly be interesting to see how far Sony and other competing brands can take such functionality in the future. Truly wireless and long-distance use of a home console would be a massively impressive feature that many would doubtlessly enjoy.

So there we have it. Three ways to play and every place in the world to do it. What comes next for the gamer on the go? Only time will tell. But whatever it is, if it follows in the footsteps of those above and improves upon them, it’s going to be great.

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