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Minecraft Grass Block Switch Pro Controller

Power A Minecraft Grass Block Switch Controller – Price, Specs, Release Date

Owners of the Nintendo Switch console have plenty of options when it comes to controllers, with a variety of controllers suiting different types of gamers. If you happen to be a Minecraft fan and would like to have a Switch controller that matches your beloved game, then this is the article for you.

Amazon has recently posted a product page for POWER A Enhanced Wireless Controller: Minecraft Grass Block – Nintendo Switch, revealing things like the price, specs and release date. First up we have the product description, which is the following:

“Play your favorite Nintendo Switch games like a pro with this officially Licensed POWER A enhanced wireless Controller featuring Minecraft grass Block design. Built for comfort during extended gaming sessions, this Bluetooth wireless Controller includes motion controls, mappable advanced gaming Buttons, and standard ergonomic layout. Enjoy up to 30 hours of gameplay with new alkaline batteries (other variables affect playtime) or add your own rechargeable batteries. Can be used when Nintendo Switch is docked or undocked. Does not support HD rumble, IR, or amiibo NFC.”

Seeing as this is essentially a Switch Pro controller, the price is on the steeper side of things at $49.99. However, Amazon prices tend to fluctuate, so it’s possible that it will increase or decrease prior to launch. It does have a pre-order guarantee, however, so pre-ordering now will guarantee you the lowest price ever offered if it does decrease after your order.

The Minecraft Grass Block controller will launch on April 10th, and you can take a more in-depth look at it below.

Minecraft Switch Pro Controller Detailed

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