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Logitech’s Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard K830 for Smart TV

Isn’t it irritating to own a Smart TV that enables you to watch media content from your computer or the internet without the need of a PC, and using an outdated remote control to enjoy this comfort?

Thankfully, the new Logitech Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard K830 makes typing and navigating smart TV platforms much easier. Logitech is a world leader in products that connect people to the digital experiences they care about. Logitech’s combined hardware and software enable the digital navigation, music and video entertainment, gaming, social networking, audio and video communication over the Internet, video security and home-entertainment control.

The wireless keyboard features a rechargeable battery onboard and an integrated touchpad and left/right buttons. The rounded sides of the keyboard make it easy to hold and the slim design allows it to be stored vertically to save space.

The K830 features a light sensor which fades according to the light level in the room and it’s also backlit, so you can type effortlessly in any lighting condition. The device has a different design than the recent Harmony keyboard, it also lacks the adapters and IR sensor of that product.

“Our new Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard K830 is designed with this setup in mind. Backlit keys and a premium aesthetic that blends into the living room make it a stand-out choice for people with connected TVs”, said Charlotte Johs, global vice president of brand development for PC accessories at Logitech.

This keyboard is compact and lightweight, with soft-feel keys that are optimized for media and entertainment control, specially designed for the modern living space. You can browse with a fast, reliable connection to your PC from up to 33 feet away, due to the tiny Unifying receiver that delivers advanced 2.4GHz long-range wireless connectivity. The touchpad is smooth and responsive with accurate cursor control.

At the price of $99.99, the Logitech Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard K830 is now available in the US and Europe.

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