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Long expected Start Button for Windows 8 comes out in August

The Build developer conference at the beginning of April was quite a surprising one, some might say. At first, Windows 8 has given lots of headaches because of the lack of classic elements users were used to. Like the Start button, which not only disappeared, but it reappeared using the annoying interface of a mobile device, though Microsoft recognized the simple fact that the iOS and Android alliance is a superficial one. In the meanwhile, not long after Windows 8.1 update was released, a new surprise is being prepared.  Seems like the Start button has been long missed by Windows fans who will be shortly teased with a new Start menu and the ability of running windowed apps on the Desktop.

The updated interface will be reminiscent of Windows 7 in regards to the Start Button but it will keep the Windows 8 Start Screen based on tiles. Apparently, many of those who were dissatisfied with the lack of the Start button took measures of their own by downloading apps or software that would bring back the old Start on the new version of Windows. It was quite a successful solution, but beginning with this autumn, the manual change will not be necessary anymore.

An approximate date for the update’s release is in August/September, although the plan was to update the system once a year. Seemingly, users were not too happy with these changes and Windows 9, currently due in Spring of 2015, could have not been such a success if both parties were not given a piece of heaven.  As about the metro windowed apps, this update could be pushed back to the new Windows or included in the Update 2.

Steve Teixeira, the Director of Program Management, shared during the Build developer conference the fact that there is an “Internet of Things” team, focused not only on enterprise/ industrial customers, but also on “enabling intelligent systems to be built from operating systems and cloud services, across a broad range of industry verticals”.

Various sources quote that it would be a pleasure for Microsoft to release updates every few months and new ideas or capable employees are not missing. But these actions could have repercussions on the large businesses and enterprises that make a large portion of the company’s revenues. So let’s be realistic: we do love updates and we love to be surprised, but too much can also be annoying.  That being said…we are patiently waiting for the best and we will keep an eye on fresh news.

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  • Asok Asus

    Microsoft is in trash mode big time right now: Windows 8 to Windows
    8.1 (with a different version number yet, actually meaning a different
    operating system), then “Update 1”, and then Update 2, all in a period
    of a year, and using new terminology for what an update is, using
    multiple different methods for updating, and with some VERY important
    updates NOT being delivered by WSUS, and all in a period of a year. And
    soon there will be Windows 9. Three operating system versions and two
    major “updates” in two years means FIVE different platform variations
    in TWO years, and no real improvement in terms of corporate
    productively, in fact, productivity has regressed for any enterprise
    foolish enough to embrace Windows 8 on the PC. Oh, yeah, and I’m not
    even counting Windows RT and its variations…

    This unnecessary
    upheaval is causing both the enterprise and software developers to be
    going out of their minds. Thus Microsoft is busily obliterating their
    two big monopolistic advantages: stability and application ubiquity.
    Software developers are fleeing Microsoft in droves to develop for iOS
    and Android instead, and the enterprise will soon be fleeing the
    instability of Windows as much as possible, probably to a combination
    of Android, iOS and Linux.

    Good heavens, it’s amazing to see
    such a megalithic monopoly self-destruct so rapidly and so completely.
    Heck, it took IBM almost 10 years to sink this badly before they arose
    from their own ashes.

    • al

      I felt the pain was already too great when I upgraded my pc from windows 7to8. Like so many people I know, because I am a technology retailer I switch to using my android phone instead. 1 year later microsoft is still clueless.