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Club Nintendo’s loyalty program includes classic games

Nintendo revealed the new range of games that will be offered to members of Club Nintendo in the US. As you may already know, these games can be “purchased” with the coins you get for registering Nintendo software and hardware on your account. So without further ado, let’s see the games available this month.

For Wii U owners, Nintendo included two Virtual Console entries, both classic games and staples of their respective generations. The first one is Super Metroid, SNES’s jewel, that can be bought for 200 virtual coins. The second one is the game that sold a lot of Nintendo 64 consoles: Mario Kart 64. The kart racer is available for 250 coins.

3DS owners have not been left out. Nintendo added for them two games as well, beginning with 3D Classics: Kirby’s Adventure, a 3D overhaul of the original NES game. This title will cost Nintendo Club members 200 coins. The second title for the handheld is the DS game Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters, which also costs 200 coins.

Sadly, Nintendo’s online services are still rather rudimentary, so you can’t just “buy” a game with coins and expect to have your download waiting on the console. After the purchase, you are given a redeemable code for your content, which you can then activate on each console’s eShop.

This range of games is available in the loyalty program until the 8th of June, when it will be replaced with another batch. The list used to include titles for the original Wii as well, but now that the console will loose all its internet capabilities on May 20th, Nintendo stopped offering content for it.

You can check the rewards page on the official Club Nintendo website from time to time in order to see which games can be purchased for coins.

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