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Angry Birds Star Wars

5 Best Games For BlackBerry OS – Time to Play!

The BlackBerry OS has come a long way in recent years. The new 10.3 version of the OS is highly anticipated as it’s rumored to bring a lot of enhancements to the software. As leaks and rumors pile up about its release date, we turn our gaze to something more fun: games. We all like to play games, either on our PCs, consoles or mobile devices. Like Android or iOS,  BlackBerry also has a lot of games available on its market. We will concentrate on only 5 today, as listing them all would almost be impossible. We wanted the choose some of the best, that we think you might enjoy.

Angry Birds: Star Wars

Unless you were living under a rock in the past few years, you must have heard about Angry Birds. Of course, BlackBerry could not be considered a next-gen platform without Angry Birds being available for it. Angry Birds: Star Wars comes with the same physics-based gameplay mechanic that we all got so familiar with and also introduces some new ones (lighsabers!). As its name suggest, it’s set in our favorite Galaxy, far far away. You will recognize iconic characters from episodes IV, V and VI of the movie as you will play on the side of the rebels on a mission to destroy the Pig Star. Angry Birds: Star Wars is undoubtedly a fun game that you can enjoy on your BlackBerry device.

N.O.V.A. 3

Gameloft is offering a Holiday Sale! All Gameloft games come with a discount of up to 50%. The offer is available till the end of the year. You can get N.O.V.A. 3 from the BlackBerry appworld for only $.99 and the game is worth it. It’s a big game, that will require 2GB of free space on your device. N.O.V.A. 3 is a great sci-fi shooter game, that comes with controller support for an enhanced gaming experience. If you are a fan of the series and enjoy shooter games, you must try N.O.V.A 3 on your BlackBerry.

Beach Buggy Blitz

A fun infinite driving game with highly detailed environments and procedurally generated levels. You will fly into the air performing massive jumps, powerslide through beaches and even volcanoes and destroy everything on the way. Your challenge is to get as far as possible with your tricked-out beach buggy monster truck hybrid. The game is free to play and features lot of unlockable content, from new characters to upgrades and cars. You’ll have plenty to do in this infinite race.

The Oregon Trail American Settler

A continuation of the story, after you conquered the trail now you can settle down and build your new home. Build your farm, talk to villagers to receive quests and gather supplies by playing hunting and fishing mini-games. Be aware though to unexpected dangers like hurricanes or stampeding buffalo hordes.  You can even share your achievements or trade gifts with your friends and visit each other’s towns. The game available on the BlackBerry appworld store for free but it supports in-app purchases.

World of Goo

Declared “Game of the Year” by MetaCritic, RPS, Game Tunnel and IGN. World of Goo is a great and surprisingly difficult puzzle game. In world of goo you will create creative structures out of goo balls. You will encounter new species of goo balls as you progress trough the game. Each new level will bring new puzzles for you to resolve and new unique creatures  that inhabit them. The game is available for $2.99 on the BlackBerry app-store and it’s worth every penny. If you want a quality puzzle game on your BlackBerry device, buy this game.

We hope that you found these games enjoyable and worth your time and money. Even tough BlackBerry is not a popular OS you should not miss out on the fun games available for other platforms. Plenty of games are available on BlackBerry world waiting for you to discover them.



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