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Heroes Rise duology are the first full text adventure games on Steam

The Heroes Rise games are the first ever text adventure games to be released on Steam according to developer Choice of Games. Although the platform has previously allowed visual novels and other text-based games to be sold on its store, the Heroes Rise series are the first text-only titles listed. The Heroes Rise games that are now available on Steam are The Prodigy and The Hero Project. They are interactive novel games where players control how the story unfolds by making a number of important choices. Each title features over 100,000 words and players will typically read over 50,000 in a normal playthrough, around the same as a 200-page book.

The first game in the series sees players attempt to become a celebrity but to do so they have to “take down evil Powered gangs, compete with deadly rivals, choose a worthy sidekick, team up with famous champions, and prove to all of Millennia City that you’re a true hero.”

To celebrate the games heading to Steam Choice of Games is offering a discount on both The Prodigy and The Hero Project as well as all of their add-ons. The entire bundle can be bought for $3.99, a 55% saving on the usual price. They also made it clear that the final instalment in the Heroes Rise series will also be available on Steam when it releases after the summer, hopefully along with the rest of their catalogue.

Choice of Games is also asking fans of text adventure games to ensure that they purchase Heroes Rise in order to make it easier for other developers to get their games on Steam in the future. “Together, we can bring a new genre of games to Steam,” said  Dan Fabulich in the announcement. “Making it possible for a new generation of interactive-fiction authors to make a living.” If these games fail to sell well then Valve may choose to stop further titles from the genre from appearing in the store.

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