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Apple May Begin Producing New iPhones As Soon As Next Month

The clock is ticking on the time until Apple announces its next iPhone. And new reports now suggest that the tech giant could go into production on the new smartphone as early as next month. Bloomberg, citing its own sources that wished to remain anonymous, states that heavy competition from other smartphone makers like Samsung and HTC has caused Apple to prepare the manufacturing and subsequent release of its biggest iPhone models to date.

Bloomberg’s report coincides with earlier rumors that speak of two iPhone sizes –one with a 4.7-inch display and another with a 5.5-inch display– as well as the idea that they’ll release, or at least ship, sometime in September. Both phones will also be thinner and more rounded than previous iterations, though the 5.5-inch model is causing some production issues. Despite that, Apple is supposedly designing the new iPhones to feature curved glass and enhanced sensors capable of detecting and differentiating between various levels of pressure.

Images of the hardware have leaked online recently that certainly shows a larger phone, but one that still keeps in line with prior models. Needless to say, until Apple reveals the phone themselves, anything else is speculation or simply unconfirmed. The news that Apple will begin building new hardware next month comes just a day after we learned that two of the biggest manufacturers of the iPhone –Foxconn and Pegatron– were in the process of hiring over 100,000 people, presumably for the purpose of putting together Apple’s two new phones. Should all this information hold true, there will be at least two months between production of the ‘iPhone 6’ and its retail launch.

Earlier this month, Apple revealed iOS 8, which includes a number of new features and tweaks for users to mess around with. The software is still in the beta phase, but will release later this Fall.

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  • Cubano23

    10,000 jobs that could have been American if Apple and it’s share holders where willing to give up some profits and pay a living wage. But greed wins ounce again.

    • Jim

      Why do you think Apple makes any products? To make money! They make more money making phones over seas. And buyers could care less where the products are made as long as they are good quality. They already have factories in China ready to go… How much do you think they could make if they had to start over and build factories here? Apple has to compete with other phone makers that also have their phones made over seas. You are living in a dream world if you really think they would consider making them here. That ship saled in the late 80’s. Only hope to get manufactures to make products here is to get congress to pass more import duties on electronics.