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Destiny Beta is now open to everyone, no beta codes needed

Ladies and gentlemen, the flood gates are now officially open. Bungie announced earlier that you no longer need a beta code in order to access the Destiny beta, which means that everyone with a PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, or Xbox One can jump right in. The beta will only last until the end of the day on July 26th PDT according to the FAQ page. That means you better hurry as this will be your last chance to play Destiny before the September release. There is some bad news however. Bungie mentions that only Xbox LIVE Gold and PlayStation Plus members will be able to access the beta. They also say that 48-hours and 14-day Xbox LIVE Gold trials are not supported.

Moreover, there are a few variants of the consoles that are also not supported due to Destiny’s hard drive requirement. This includes Xbox 360 Arcade Console, Xbox 360 4GB Console, Xbox 360 Core System, and PlayStation 3 12GB System. The game requires over 5GB of free space on last-gen consoles and over 12GB on current gen so you better start downloading as it may take some time. You will find download links via the Xbox Marketplace and the Playstation Network according to Bungie. They also warn that there is currently a bug on Xbox One that tells you the game is corrupted and asks you to delete Destiny if you try to start playing before the download is 100% complete. The company says that there is no need to delete and reinstall, just check the progress via the Games & Apps screen and make sure the game has been fully downloaded before you attempt to jump in.

Playing the Destiny beta on Saturday, July 26th will earn you an exclusive emblem for the retail version of the game. Some other rewards and surprises are also said to be given throughout the beta. The game can be pre-ordered from here and comes in several variants, each priced differently. The Standard Edition costs $60, the Digital Guardian $90, the Limited Edition $100, and the Ghost Edition $150. Even though it was the most expensive, the Ghost Edition was already sold out and there is no news on whether on not more copies will be made available in the future. There is also an Expansion Pass which costs $35 and includes the upcoming expansions, The Dark Below and the House of Wolves.

Destiny will be released on September 9th for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and the Xbox One.

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