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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 leaked images reveal metal sides

Just weeks before its official launch, the Galaxy Note 4 is revealed in a couple of leaked pictures, displayed on GSMArena. The pictures point out the rumored similarity between the new Galaxy and its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 3. The similarity stops once you take a closer look at the pictures, and see the plastic leather-like back, different from any device known until today. What’s even more surprising is the fact that rumors saying Samsung might add metal sides to its next flagship turned out to be true. Whether these rumors seemed unbelievable in the past, Samsung’s intentions to add some metal to its devices became reality with the not-yet-launched Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Alpha.


Unfortunately, it’s not guaranteed that the side-frame is metal, but still, there is a plastic-like inlay emphasizing the metallic appearance. The S pen will be housed on the side of the smartphone, while at the bottom side the pictures show a 3.0 microUSB port and a speaker grille. On the leathery back, there’s something that looks like a hear rate monitor, right next to the camera lens and under these, sits the silvery Samsung logo. One picture shows the front of the device, the same 5.7-inch QHD display surrounded by thin edges with the rumored resolution of 2.560×1440 pixels.

samsung-galaxy-note-4-release-date  samsung-galaxy-note-4-001

The last picture shows the retail box of the Galaxy Note 4, and as the device shown on the box looks very much like the one in the leaked images, we tend to believe the leaks are real. The Galaxy Note 4 will be officially released on 3 September, at the IFA as Samsung accustomed us, and will hit the shelves starting 15 September. During the past few days leaked images showing future flagships belonging to both Samsung and Apple popped-out and delighted everyone. Whether this is a new marketing strategy or not is hard to say, but at lest we can see what to expect from the Galaxy Note 4 and the iPhone 6, design-wise, of course.

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