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Elder Scrolls Online update 4 arriving next month with Upper Craglorn and more

Bethesda announced that the fourth major update to Elder Scrolls Online will arrive next month. Update 4 will extend Craglorn, the game’s first Adventure Zone, which was added earlier this year as part of the first major update to ESO. Upper Craglorn, as it is called, will feature a brand new area for players to explore and a new Trial. Additionally, there is also a new group challenge that goes by the name of Dragonstar Arena as well as new quests and delves. The update’s preview video also suggests that players will be able to learn more about the threat posed by the Celestials, mysterious beings of immense power who only appeared as constellations in the previous Elder Scrolls games. These include: the Mage, the Warrior, the Thief, and the Serpent among others.

“Update 4 is on its way to ESO with tough new challenges,” Bethesda said on the Elder Scrolls Online blog. “The mysterious tale of Craglorn continues as you and your friends explore a new region of the Adventure Zone and take on the new Trial that awaits you there. You’ll also find a new kind of challenge for your group: the Dragonstar Arena is ready to put the toughest heroes to the test. Watch the video now and prepare for new quests, delves, Trials, and much more in Update 4, slated to launch in September.”

I’m sure many Elder Scrolls Online players will be glad to hear that Update 4 adds much more interesting content than the previous one. Update 3 was focused on the guilds so most of the new content was related to that aspect of the game. This new update brings some much needed action-packed quests and challenges and I, for one, can’t wait to play them. We’ll let you know as soon as we know more about the complete list of changes coming to the Elder Scrolls online with Update 4 so stay tuned.

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