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Diablo 3 for PS4 and Xbox One now available

Today, at the same time with the console version of the “Reaper of Souls” expansion pack, Blizzard released Diablo 3 for Playstation 4 and XBOX One. The next-gen consoles will also get the expansion pack, so players who own these systems and bought the game don’t have to worry that they will have to wait some more time before the new content reaches them. Blizzard offers PS3, PS4, XBOX 360 and XBOX One players a pack called “Diablo Ultimate Evil Edition”, which contains both the game and the “Reaper of Souls” expansion pack.

On the Xbox website, Blizzard announced that they will do their best so that future patches for Diablo 3 on Xbox One will mirror those on the PC, which, according to xbox.com, is something unprecedented. Also, the same source informs that Microsoft and Blizzard joined forces and made sure that Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition for Xbox One is released in full HD (1080p). The same can be said about the Playstation 4 version. The game will also be released in high definition and players will be able to transfer their created characters from the PS3 version to the next gen console.

Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition costs $39.99 on XBOX 360 and PS3 and $59.99 on Xbox One and PS4. Console gamers who own an XBOX 360 or a Playstation 3 will have to purchase the whole “Ultimate Evil Edition” pack in order to be able to play the “Reaper of Souls” expansion pack.

“Reaper of Souls” adds a fifth act to the main game, with its story taking place after the original story’s conclusion. The expansion pack also brings several other additions such a new character class, Crusader, who can use large weapons and holy magic, a new game mode, more side missions and locations. Also, the level cap is raised to 70, which enables characters to use new and more powerful spells and abilities.

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