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The gap on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is actually a feature, not a flaw

There has been quite a bit of fuss surrounding the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The device came out a little earlier in order to compete with the iPhone 6, but it seems like it didn’t come without any problems. Multiple users have reported that Samsung’s latest phablet has a gap between its display and one of the edges so naturally they were pretty upset about it. However, it seems like the gap in question is not actually a flaw, but rather a feature. Believe it or not, the gap is part of the device’s overall design so Samsung is definitely aware of it. Moreover, the gap is also mentioned in the Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s instructions manual at page 180.

“A small gap appears around the outside of the device case,” the manual reads. “The gap is a necessary manufacturing feature and some minor rocking or vibrations of parts may occur. Over time, friction between parts may cause this gap to expand slightly.” The last statement in particular is not very reassuring as it seems to suggest that the gap might get bigger in time. One the other hand, the gap could be useful if any heat-related expansion were to occur. One thing is clear though, this gap will likely continue to upset Samsung Galaxy Note 4 owners even though there seems to be an actual purpose for it. Unfortunately Samsung didn’t really make a statement explaining the situation so most users are still in the dark and think that there is something wrong with their device.

We’re not sure how many Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phablets were affected by this as it seems like there are aren’t really a large number of reports coming in regarding the matter. So if the gap is meant to be there why doesn’t it appear on all devices? We’ll let you know as soon as we learn something new so stay tuned.

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