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Oppo N3 price higher than expected
Oppo N3 price higher than expected

Oppo N3 price will be higher than expected

The Oppo N3 is set for an October 29 launch date, with a dedicated event in Singapore. The Oppo N3 has stirred up interest because of its swiveling camera, similar to that on its predecessor, the Oppo N1. The Oppo N3 will sport a better camera and a high-quality build. While we had hoped for a pretty affordable device, the Oppo N3 price is rumored to be no less than $700 for the unlocked device. While it’s still not an overly pricey device, the Oppo N3 might find it hard to compete with other Asian manufacturers, such as Meixu, Xiaomi and IUNI.

The Oppo N3 will sport a 16 MP camera with an LED flash, mounted on a motorized, rotating panel, so you can use it as your rear and your front camera. The device will be available in two versions, one made from stainless steel with a heavier build and another made of aerospace grade aluminium-lithium with a lighter build. The Oppo N2 features a 5.5 inch display with a 1080p resolution. Curiously, Oppo N3 specs or internals haven’t been leaked yet, but with the price tag in mind, we expect to see a high-end device. A square resembling a fingerprint scanner has been spotted on the back of the Oppo N3.

Oppo N3 price will be higher than expected
The Oppo N3 is already being advertised in shops

Rumored Oppo N3 specs mentioned a qHD resolution, but the most recent leaks downgrade to Full HD. A Snapdragon 805 CPU, 3 GB RAM and fast charging have also been rumored to be featured on the Oppo N3, although none of them have been confirmed. We might also see the notification LED many have enjoyed on the Oppo Find 7, too.

With the October 29 launch date bringing the Oppo N3 to Singapore, we are also fairly sure that an international release should come soon, too. The main attraction about the Oppo N3 is its swiveling camera, which was a bit disappointing on its predecessor, the Oppo N1. Hopefully, Oppo has managed to improve the build and quality of the sensor as well as the way it is encased in the top part of the phone. The 16 MP sensor should also make for some great photos, but that remains to be seen. While hopes are high for the Oppo N3, if the phone turns out to be a mid-ranger sporting the same issues the N1 did, it might not fare well on the market, despite the innovative camera setup.

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