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Playstation Experience chroma squad interview
Playstation Experience interview with Behold studios

PlayStation Experience Interview – Behold Studios

At the PlayStation Experience I was able to walk around the show floor, play upcoming titles and talk to the developers making the game itself. It was a great convention, not super packed like PAX and Comic Con tends to be. There were still a lot of people, especially the first day of the PlayStation Experience. Despite that the community itself was very friendly, with people conversating while in line and everyone just seemed happy to be able to attend something like this, myself included. The week before the PlayStation Experience was set to start I began emailing various developers who were confirmed to be attending in the hopes of setting up an interview. Thankfully I was able to secure a few, including one with Behold Studios about their upcoming PlayStation 4 game, Chroma Squad.

Chroma Squad already has a limited release on Steam and will be coming to PlayStation 4 sometime in early 2015. The game is being developed by Behold Studios which is made up of, “Saulo Camarotti as producer, Rogerio as game designer and financial manager, Guilherme as programmer, Hugo and Betu both artists, are the team of this indie adventure.” I got the chance to talk to Saulo at the PlayStation Experience about the inspirations of the game, the depth of the gameplay itself and Megazords! Cause Megazords are awesome. You can find the full video below.

The game draws a lot from XCOM on PC,which is easy to tell when you’re playing it. The tactical map was at first reminiscent of Final Fantasy Tactics but lacks the verticality of those maps. Instead I realized the game is heavier on XCOM with the base management, stunt men recruitment, equipment and items. The demo I got to play at the PlayStation Experience didn’t feature a Megazord battle unfortunately but did bring me through the beginning of the game where the group of stuntmen you are following form their own studio and come across a talking brain set piece. Interestingly, the game will have multiple endings depending on player choices, but they won’t be overtly obvious choices like in Infamous or Mass Effect.

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