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playstation plus gave away $1300 beating out microsoft's Games with Gold
playstation plus gave away $1300 in north america alone

PlayStation Plus Gave Away $1300 in Free Games

When you add up all of the free titles offered by Sony, PlayStation Plus gave away $1300 in free games all for only $50 a year. PlayStation Plus first launched in 2010 and was a way for users to get some more discounts, free titles and access to game betas. As the years went on PlayStation Plus has become a huge deal and a great way to get lots of free video games. When you add together all of 2014’s offerings, you’ll find that PlayStation Plus gave away $1300 in free games, specifically $1,349.29 in North America. In Europe the savings equaled £960.64 or 1503.40 US dollars. PlayStation Plus recently achieved 7.9 million subscribers as of October 2014. The service is required to play games online on the PlayStation 4 but remains optional for Vita and PlayStation 3 users.

When it first launched PlayStation Plus was initially just for discounts and beta access to first party titles such as SOCOM 4. Then full game trials were added, where users could download a full game and play it for one hour. If they wanted they could then purchase the full title and earn all trophies. Another addition was online storage for save data files. At first the feature was limited to 150MB but expanded to the current 1GB of cloud storage for your precious Fallout 3 save files. While online play requires a PlayStation Plus subscription Shuhei Yoshida promised that the funds from PlayStation Plus would be used to improve the PlayStation network, which has been known for its outages and the 2011 hack where PlayStation Network was gone for a month.

For comparison, Xbox and their Games with Gold service gave away $584.67 worth of video games in 2014. The most notable games that Xbox gave away are Dishonored and Halo Reach. PlayStations top games were Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider and Batman Arkham Asylum. PlayStation Plus ranges across three platforms while Games with Gold is for two platforms. Whichever service you chose, 2014 was a great year for free games, but you can’t deny that PlayStation Plus continues to be an absolutely amazing deal.

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