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new Final Fantasy XV details include minor plot details on Noctis' kingdom
Lots of new Final Fantasy XV details came out of Jump Festa this year

New Final Fantasy XV Details

Some new Final Fantasy XV details were revealed at the Jump Festa convention in Japan . These details include a new trailer and gameplay footage. The new trailer gave equal focus to both story and gameplay. It opened with a female radio voice providing exposition on two warring nations. The main protagonist, Noctis, was angered at the news of the invasion although his friends appeared less enthused. It then shows some different gameplay sections, such as driving the car through the open world. The new Final Fantasy XV details also showed the party sneaking around a giant beast and charging at enemy soldiers at a roadblock. Cindy is introduced, as Final Fantasy XV’s new Cid, and is the first female Cid to appear in the series. She also wields a southern accent in the English trailer.

The trailer ends with Titan, a summon, attempting to crush Noctis. Most of the new Final Fantasy XV details cam from the game’s director, Hajime Tabata. He talked after the trailer that Titan will be integral to the story but not present in the upcoming demo. The Titan in the trailer is huge and Tabata confirmed he will still be that size when summoned to battle. Instead of Titan, players will have access to another summon in the demo. Tabata believes the summon will surprise fans. The town Noctis visits in the trailer is called Lestarg and entering the town will be seamless. However, Tabata isn’t sure that the entire game will be seamless, as other sections require more loading time. He did confirm that the demo will be entirely seamless.


The new Final Fantasy XV details also revealed that Noctis and his party will need to sleep and eat if they wish to continue having status boosts. Eating doesn’t appear as necessary as sleep, as you will need to sleep at least every three days. The day/night cycle in Final Fantasy XV is roughly one real-time hour. Magic has yet to be shown due to Square Enix not being impressed with how it looks at this stage in development. The only extra plot detail is that Insomnia, the capital city that is being invaded in the trailer, is Noctis’ home. Noctis is the prince of the Kingdom of Lucis, of which Insomnia is the capital. Noctis will have to be present for a ceremonial signing of what I presume is the peace accord. Lastly, the Final Fantasy XV demo will be available separately from purchasing Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. The new demo will include some additional content but there is no details on a release date. And that is all for the new Final Fantasy XV details, I can only hope they deliver on the concepts shown.

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