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The Xiaomi Arch is a new concept akin to the Note Edge, with two hanging edge displays
The Xiaomi Arch is a new concept akin to the Note Edge, with two hanging edge displays

Xiaomi Arch: the Galaxy Note Edge of China

Xiaomi Arch is supposedly the new upcoming flagship from the Chinese Apple, and it seems like a solid competitor to the Galaxy Note Edge, if not a better version of it. The Xiaomi Arch isn’t just an edge smartphone like Samsung’s innovation, rather it has two hanging edges that you can work with. While I’m not sure how practical two hanging edge displays are, the Xiaomi Arch does look pretty stylish and innovative.

The Xiaomi Arch came to light after a patent filing from the Chinese company, as well as through some posters the company published. From what we can tell, the new hanging edge smartphone has the same extra features the Galaxy Note Edge does, except on both sides. Much like the first hanging edge screen smartphone, the Xiaomi Arch edges will display notifications, settings, live info about stocks and sports as well as various applications like a stopwatch. Even though the Xiaomi Arch hasn’t been produced yet, the concept is pretty popular and people are already getting pretty hyped about it.

If the Chinese company wants to pit the Xiaomi Arch against the limited edition Galaxy Note Edge, they will have to put a competitive price on it, not to mention flagship specs that would match up to Samsung’s offering. If Xiaomi just wants to innovate and maybe create an affordable device, we might see mid-range, Galaxy Alpha-like specs on the bad boy. We don’t have any information on what size that display would be, but if we are to guess, we would say the size would be between 5.0 and 5.5 inches. Resolution and specs aren’t published either, but we do expect a pretty high end device since Xiaomi is famous for creating decent devices with low prices. Even though the Xiaomi Arch is just a concept, we would like to see it become real and available for developers, so that they can create some proprietary apps that could make use of the double hanging edge display.

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