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Choice of Robots will let you determine the fate of A.I

Choice of Robots is one of the newest additions to Choice of Games’ roster of interactive games. It promises the player a narrative where they may “Instigate or prevent a robotic uprising”, where they can “Start a war against the United States, and win”, and with the option to marry an “advanced robot, and start a family”.

Choice of Games itself is a publisher that specializes in what it describes as “high-quality, text-based, multiple-choice games.” Much like the Choose Your Own Adventure novels of old, their games are text-based, with multiple branching paths and several different endings. Their games are short, have a vast array of achievements and wildly varying outcomes. If you want a taste: Choice of Dragons and Choice of Broadsides are both free and take no more than an hour to complete.

Choice of Robots is a more recent addition. The storyline follows the player as they construct their own advanced A.I. Their choices determine how that A.I performs in the story. It also provides players with a branching storyline with “four alternate climax chapters”.

Going through the achievements and “Show stats” panel reveals an odd array of possibilities for the player to uncover. A bar at the bottom of the “Show stats” page is simply labelled “Power balance” and shows whether or not the United States or China are more powerful. Achievements range from “Lunatic: Your robots headed for the moon” to “Mastermind: You basically rule the world” and even “Robophile: Married a robot”.

Other titles on Choice of Games include “Mecha Ace”, “Psy High” and “Choice of Kung Fu”. The website also offers the opportunity for writers to download their “Choicescript” programming language and write their own interactive games. Choice of Robots has been recently released on steam, and can also be purchased on Choice of Games’ official website for $4.99

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