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Telltale Games hint at mysterious new year

Telltale Games promise explosive 2015

Telltale Games’ new CEO Kevin Bruner has recently revealed that the California-based studio are working on a mysterious new series. He has also hinted at “unannounced partnerships”, implying that new series are going to be announced later this year. The creation of a new IP is a first for Tellale Games, who have previously only created games based on established universes, such as The Walking Dead series, Back to the Future and The Wolf Among Us. This news comes after a recent expansion by Telltale Games. The studio has seen enormous success last year and has since capitalized on it. Examples of this expansion include access to valuable franchises such as Borderlands, Game of Thrones and even Minecraft.

The announcement of Minecraft: Story Mode has been a particularly surprising piece of news. Telltale announced their new partnership with Mojang last month on their blog. It’s described as a “an all-new narrative-driven game series” that will “mix new characters with familiar themes, in an entirely original Minecraft experience”. The attempt to create a narrative driven experience in a game with little-to-no narrative is a particularly ambitious project for Telltale. It sheds a bit of insight into the current mindset of Telltale games: gungho, eager, and expansionist.

It may not be long until we hear news of Tetris: A Telltale Series.

News of a mysterious new series was announced by Kevin Bruner in an interview with Gamesindustry.biz. He revealed the information while describing Telltale’s current mentality of excitement and expansion, declaring that “We’re thrilled to continue our growth.” this was followed shortly after by hints of “unannounced partnerships” and, most significantly, “an original new IP.”

These comments have created a series of enigmas for fans of Telltale Games. A third season of The Walking Dead has already been confirmed in a panel with Skybound Entertainment July last year. Beyond this, 2015 for Telltale leaves a lot of unanswered puzzles and questions for fans, including soon-to-be-announced partnerships, and Telltale Games’ first unique franchise.

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