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Blackberry Passport OS update

Blackberry 10.3.1 update to start rolling out for the Blackberry Passport next month

Blackberry Passport owners will be happy to know that a new major operating system update is currently in the works and should start rolling out as soon as next month. A couple of minor updates to 10.3.1 have recently leaked online and you can try them out if you wish, but as always, it’s advisable to wait for the official releases coming from the manufacturer itself. The most recent such update goes by the name of and doesn’t seem to bring a whole lot to the table aside from what was already available in Still, if you’re curious to see how the latest update changes things on the Blackberry Passport you can head over to Crackberry and give it a try.

Meanwhile, we don’t know what kind of changes will be included in the upcoming 10.3.1 update, but Ron Louks, President of Devices and Emerging Solutions has guaranteed that Blackberry will starting pushing it out in February. As always, the update will have to jump some hoops such as carrier approvals before being able to reach compatible devices, so it’s possible that not all Blackberry Passport users will be able to enjoy it next month. As a side note, the new update will not be exclusive to the Blackberry Passport and you can also expect to see it on a range of other devices, including some of the older models like the Z10 or Q10.

In other news, Blackberry recently revealed a limited edition Black and Gold Blackberry Passport smartphone. Although the device doesn’t feature actual gold, it’s very likely that many will still find the idea of owning one very appealing because the company is only making 50 units. In addition, the limited edition Blackberry Passport sports a leather exterior and you can also personalize it with a custom engraving. Needless to say, this variant is more expensive than the regular model and you will have to spend no less than $899 if you want to buy it.

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