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BlackBerry Passport discount initiated as sales plummet

The BlackBerry Passport is now discounted in the BlackBerry shop as the company is facing plummeting sales across the smartphone market. It seems that the Canadian company over-estimated the sales that they would be making with the newly launched BlackBerry Passport and Classic and since the numbers they had estimated are not being met, a discount to their new phones seems like a good strategy to drive the numbers up. Don’t expect a huge BlackBerry Passport discount, as it only amounts up to $50 per unit, but that’s still a good sum that you can save if you’re actually thinking of getting the unconventional smartphone.

The BlackBerry Passport discount is available for unlocked versions in the shop and that sets the BlackBerry Passport price at $550 instead of the $600 it was before for an unlocked unit. The discount is bigger on the BlackBerry Classic which can now be had for $400. which is $100 cheaper than the original price. Although it seems that these unconventional QWERTY-touting devices aren’t as popular as expected, they are still becoming more and more so as people get familiarized with the layout and design language of the phones. Most people have a beef against BlackBerry OS which is probably why numbers are down, as the design of both the BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Classic are seemingly pretty appreciated among fans. Mind you, the discounts for the BlackBerry Passport are valid for all versions, except for the Porsche design.

The BlackBerry Passport price now seems a bit more affordable, although it’s still a bit steep for someone coming from iOS and Android and having uncertainties about how they would get used to the new interface that these phones offer. The QWERTY keyboard is the best feature of both the BlackBerry Classic and BlackBerry Passport and it’s a very appreciated feature of the phones, but users still seem a bit reticent towards the restrictive ecosystem that the company employs with their devices. There are many workarounds for these restrictions and those within a Google ecosystem can pretty easily take advantage of them in order to get Google Services working on either the BlackBerry Passport or BlackBerry Classic, as it is just a matter of flexibility and a bit of research. In any case, you can now make use of the BlackBerry Passport discount and the dropped BlackBerry Classic price in the online store here. 

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