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iPad Air 2 gets considerable price-cut

Looking for a great deal on an Apple tablet? Well, you’re in luck! The highly desirable iPad Air 2 is now on sale at Best Buy, with all Air 2 models receiving a significant price reduction. The cheapest model, the iPad Air 2’s 16 GB version is off $50, costing $449 instead of the regular $499. The same $50 discount applies to the heftier 64 and 128 GB versions. The discount doesn’t end here however, and if you want the even better iPad Air 2 with LTE, you can also nab these at $50 off for the 16 and 64 GB versions, and, last but certainly not least, $100 off on the premium model, the iPad Air 2 LTE 128 GB.

Such a significant price cut isn’t usual for this type of year, and is generally typical for holiday sale periods, such as Black Friday. However, given that January and February are generally slow in terms of sales (within the mobile industry and outside of it), it’s not exactly surprising either. Best Buy even offers free shipping, and these tablets are not bound to any carrier obligations. We recommend buying the LTE versions however, since these offer internet on the go and do not limit you to hotspots or local WiFi. The sale might also be Apple’s way of saying that 2015 will bring several new tablets from the Cupertino-based tech giant, including the highly anticipated Apple iPad Air 3. Still, the Air 2 is more than capable of handling any software iOS has in store for it, and naturally benefits from the new iOS 8 versions.

The sale ends Saturday, the 29th, so if you’re planning to grab an Air with a significantly trimmed price, you should definitely hurry up. You can pick any official Apple color model, and there seems to be no shortage in stock. Similar offers and discounts are expected to pop up for various Apple tablets and smartphones during February, as most major retailers are looking to empty old stocks and make room for Apple’s upcoming flagships.

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