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Advanced Warfare: Havoc DLC on PC Dated

Detailed in a press release, PC and PlayStation gamers will have have access to Call of Duty: Advanced Warefare’s Havoc DLC on Thursday, February 26th. It comes with four new maps (some of which feature map-based scorestreaks and timed events), a new weapon and a new weapon variant (the AE4), and an all-star cast for the new cooperative Exo Zombies gamemode.

Advanced Warfare’s Havoc DLC first launched Xbox consoles at the end of January, but now PC and PlayStation (PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4) gamers will soon have their share of the new expansion in about three weeks time. The DLC itself is “packed to the brim with content,” and includes four new multiplayer maps – Core, Urban, Sideshow and Drift – and the new AE4 directed energy assault rifle (which comes with the Widowmaker custom variant). The franchise’s much enjoyed zombie mode also makes a return, now titled Exo Zombies.

This new iteration of the gamemode tells the story through four Atlas employees, who are voice acted and modelled in the image of In the Line of Fire’s John Malkovich, Edge of Tomorrow’s Bill Paxton, Scream’s Rose McGowan and The Wolf of Wall Street’s Jon Bernthal. It’s not just regular zombies they’ll be fighting off, however, they’ll be killing zombies that are equipped with exo suits. The gamemode’s story is described as “dark and cinematic,” where a DNA bioweapon spawns a bloodthirsty horde plagues and infects a secret Atlas research facility, according to the press release. While staff did run for their lives, it’s implied that the four aforementioned employees are the only survivors, who must try to survive.

As for the four new multiplayer maps, Advanced Warfare fans will be introduced to environments that are “tailor-made for players to unleash their exoskeleton’s abilities.” Core will bring players to the Gobi desert, at a ruined nuclear fusion plant. Decontamination drones can also help whichever team that activates them with a map-based scorestreak. Urbon sets the locale in Dallas Ward 3, a futuristic megastructure. Close-quarters combat is the meal of the day here, with timed blast doors that are to open and close at set periods, changing the map’s gameplay. Sideshow’s set in an abandoned inn somewhere in Wyoming, which also has a map-based killstreak to activate the lights and music of the inn’s clown, which result in a rainstorm of rainbow smoke-streaked cannonballs. Finally, Drift pits players against each other in a high ski result in the Rocky Mountains. Featuring a glass observation deck and a carousel, players will also be able to utilize a “map-altering timed event,” also known as a an avalanche, as an advantage to change the gameplay of the map.

For those interested, Havoc is included in Advanced Warfare’s Season Pass, which bundles all of 2015’s DLC packs for the latest Call of Duty game into one discounted package. On Steam, the Season Pass will set gamers back $49.99 or £39.99.

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