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Bravely Second Will Feature Special Moves for Each Weapon

Square Enix keeps releasing new updates for Bravely Second their upcoming sequel to 2012’s acclaimed 3DS JRPG Bravely Default. A new trailer was released a couple weeks before that gave new insight into the new villains of the game, the return of the old protagonists Tiz and Edea (the latter as a playable character too) from Bravely Default was confirmed, more details about the abilities and looks of new job types have been revealed, and the game was also recently given the subtitle End Layer. The latest update, reported on by Siliconera, was about the new features of weapons in this game. Each weapon will have its own special moves and abilities.

In the spread by Jump Magazine, alongside a quick recap of the premise, key characters, and primary relationships of the game, it was also announced that each of the many different weapon type in Bravely Second will feature their own unique moves. Each weapon equipped will possess up to four special moves in all. When using these special moves, the character will also receive certain buffs or advantages. The magazine featured main character Magnolia with a type of axe weapon using a special move called “Megaton Swing.” The special moves of each weapon add a further element of strategic customization to the JRPG beyond the already complex network of jobs that a character can be assigned.

Bravely Second is a direct sequel to the successful JRPG from Square Enix Bravely Default. The plot begins several years after the close of its predecessor when Agnes, Vestal of Wind, is kidnapped just before signing an important peace treaty. New characters Magnolia and the Three Musketeers must join together in order to rescue her from her captors. Bravely Second will be released April 23 in Japan for the 3DS with a localization most likely to follow at an unannounced date.

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