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Terraria on PlayStation and Xbox will receive the Frost Moon update regionally, meaning that some countries will access it before others.

Terraria on Consoles Receives Frost Moon Update

505 Games has announced on the official Terraria forums today that the Frost Moon update will be rolling out to the console version of the game – Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Each platform will receive the update regionally, meaning that certain countries will have access to Frost Moon sooner than others. With the new update, new items and enemies have been introduced to the game.

For those who don’t know, Frost Moon is described as an event that occurs similarly to Blood Moon – referred to as Moon Invasion events. When the event occurs, unique monsters spawn and the monsters that are already there become more dangerous. With Frost Moon in particular, frozen monstrosities appear to terrorize players and their creations. Not only that, but the update in general offers up Christmas- and wintery-themed items and enemies, such as the Christmas Tree Sword and the Santa-NK1. New trophy decorations have also been added, and mannequins with console-exclusive armor and vanity items can be now converted in games saves that were before Christmas, 2014. The full changelog of the Frost Moon update can be read on the official Terraria forums.

505 Games has already promised that the console version of Terraria will receive more frequent updates as gamers head into 2015, and the Frost Moon update is an announcement of the publisher sticking to its commitment. Terraria will also soon have a successor, as the original developer of the game – Re-Logic – and Engine Software have announced Terraria: Otherworld, a game set within the Terraria universe that touts strategy and role-playing elements in addition to sandbox gameplay. The game is currently in development for PC and Mac, and a release on current-gen consoles is under consideration.

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