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Might & Magic Heroes Online
Might & Magic Heroes Online's Better, Stronger, Faster update allows players to adjust the Heroic Tier of encounters to earn better rewards.

Might & Magic Heroes Online Update Introduces New Mode

Ubisoft has announced on its official blog today that Might & Magic Heroes Online has received its Better, Stronger, Faster update, which has been rolled out at no cost to gamers; it’s entirely available for free. This new update introduces the new Heroic Mode and Artifact Refinements, which respectively allow players to engage in more challenging battles and the ability to increase the statistics of their artifacts.

In more detail, though, the new Heroic Mode enables players at level 30 to adjust the Heroic Tier of encounters, increasing the challenge whilst also increasing the chance of receiving more worthwhile loot and rewards. Some of the most powerful artifacts can be acquired through the Heroic Mode, according to Ubisoft’s blog post. What’s more is that a new resource, named dragonsteel, can be collected by completing Heroic content (such as quests) or by exploring Forgotten Sites dungeons, among other ways.

This new resource can then be taken to the Heroic Forge, which can result in unlocking more rewards for players – like new artifacts, which is where the Artifact Refinements come in. As inferred above, this new feature can improve the capabilities of player artifacts, such as defensive and offensive stats. However, Artifact Refinements have to be obtained in-game, but thankfully aren’t exclusive to Heroic Mode content. Although they can be acquired in Heroic Mode, they can be obtained via other means as well.

Might & Magic Heroes Online is a free-to-play browser game that’s set within the Heroes of Might and Magic universe. It follows traditional gameplay of the franchise, but opens it up to include MMO features. In the game, players lead control Heroes and their armies, and the Heroes themselves can be customized to the player’s liking. Aside from battling it out with other Heroes across the fictional fantastical world of Ashan, a variety of challenges and exploration opportunities are offered, and even a chance for the player to build their own town. The next addition to the franchise, Heroes of Might & Magic 7, has been announced for PC, and it’s slated to release sometime this year.

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