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Hotline Miami 2 Purchase Comes with Payday 2 Gear

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number was officially confirmed as releasing on March 10 today after their strange tease of the release date for the already infamously violent game a few weeks back. However, a purchase of Hotline Miami 2 or its Digital Special Edition doesn’t only get you the game. Overkill announced through their website today that they and Dennaton Games are teaming up and everyone who buys Hotline Miami 2 will also receive some exclusive new Hotline-Miami-themed gear for Payday 2. This is not just for pre-orders but also for those who buy the game upon its release. There will be different rewards depending on which version of the game you buy.

For the purchase of the standard Hotline Miami 2 game through Steam, players will receive the Hotline Miami Mask pack which includes six masks for use in Payday 2. The masks are Biker, Corey, Jake, Tony’s Revenge, Richter, and Alex- essentially different types of animal heads plus a green helmet. The purchase will also get you five gallons of Hype Fuel to add to the Hype Train event.

The real goods come with the purchase of the Digital Special Edition of Hotline Miami 2 through Steam. It comes with the same six masks as the standard version along with ten gallons of Hype Fuel for the Hype Train event. However, the biggest perk is the introduction of Jacket, the main character of the Hotline Miami series, as a playable character in Payday 2. Along with him comes another mask, called Richard Returns, the Carpenter’s Delight hammer melee weapon, the Jacket’s Piece submachine gun with connected weapon modifications, and the Sociopath perk deck.

Pre-orders for Hotline Miami 2 are now open through Steam and currently 10% off its full price. Dennaton Games also recently worked with Italian art collective Dayjob Studio to produce a five-part comic series based on Hotline Miami 2. Chapters can be downloaded through Steam. Check out the new trailer for Jacket in Payday 2 below.

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