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Steam Greenlight Spotlight: Voice of Steel

Steam Greenlight opened for submission on August 30, 2012. Ever since then, games such as McPixel, Broforce, and Frozen Cortex have achieved great success thanks to the positive (and critical) feedback from the community. Steam Greenlight Spotlight is my attempt to focus on the games that I feel are deserving of your attention. Finding a solid game to give your vote to on Greenlight can be like stepping through a minefield, and my goal is that this series will give you some specific titles to focus on and making navigating the ol’ Greenlight minefield a bit easier.

Today’s spotlight shines on Voice of Steel, by Point Cloud Studio. Honestly, the thing that caught my eye about this title was the robot fighting. It immediately brought me back to my days playing Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots. The hilarious robot combat capped it all off by having the head pop off of the loser of the fight. This game was a staple of my, and many others’ youths which makes Voice of Steel seem all the more compelling.

Voice of Steel allows you to create your own moves.
Voice of Steel allows you to create your own moves.

Voice of Steel has some very compelling features listed on their Greenlight pageOne of the most interesting features is the ability to create your own moves for your robot. It boasts a skeletal rig with over 2000 connections that you can use to animate your robot and express your creativity through brutal attacks. The game has an accurate physics engine, simulating as close to real physics as possible, and is claimed to be running at 60 fps even in the tech demo stage that they are currently in.

Each robot is made up of 16 pieces that you can customize.
Each robot is made up of 16 pieces that you can customize.

Voice of Steel also features a full character customization system. Each robot is made up of 16 parts that you can swap out and add different attributes and characteristics. This means that there will be over 100,000 combinations that you can create to really make your robot stand out among the crowd. Customization is one of my favorite aspects of gaming, and if Voice of Steel keep’s its word when it comes to the amount of customization in the game, I cannot wait to get my hands on it. Voice of Steel can be controlled with either mouse and keyboard or a gamepad, but the interesting thing that Point Cloud is working on is a voice control system which will allow you to shout out the name of the move that you’ve created for your robot in order to have them use it in the fight. This makes me feel like the player would take a management standpoint, where you almost coach your robot instead of playing as the robot. The game looks very promising, and I’m interested to see how the tournament and competitive scene of the game may develop if it receives enough publicity.

voice of steel 2

Point Cloud Studio has a very ambitious project on their hands when it comes to Voice of Steel. We can only hope that they continue to progress on the game and are able to make it as fantastic as it sounds. If you like the idea of Voice of Steel and are interested in seeing it for yourself, check out their page on Steam Greenlight and consider casting your vote on whether or not you feel that it is deserving of a spot on Steam.

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