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Heroes of the Storm is getting a new hero, Kael’thas

If you love Blizzard’s ever-growing MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, but you’re slightly bummed about the apparent lack of diversity in terms of heroes (HotS has much to do in this regard if it is to catch up with Riot Games’ League of Legends or Valve’s Dota 2), you’re in for a treat. It seems that Blizzard’s new arena game will grow with a new member, in the shape of the Blood Elf Lord, Kael’thas Sunstrider. The news comes via Blizzard’s official Twitter page.

If you’re a League of Legends fan and you’re thinking the artwork looks familiar, rest assured, this Blood Elf has nothing to do with LoL’s Vladimir. Kael’thas is a well established character in the Warcraft universe, known as the Lord of the Blood Elves and the Sun King. Quite the titles, but this chap has more than earned them, having led the Blood Elves after the fall of Quel’Thalas, only to turn into a baddie when aligning himself with the Burning Legion. In terms of skills and abilities within Heroes of the Storm, little is known right now. Blizzard hasn’t revealed anything beyond the fact that the hero will be coming to HotS, and more information will be revealed on the 12th of May during a Reddit Q&A.

If you’re interested in the game’s development and progress, check in to Reddit next Tuesday, where hero designers Kent-Erik Hagman and John Hodgson will be answering your questions. Heroes of the Storm is currently in closed beta, but will officially launch on the 2nd of June, so there’s not a lot of waiting left. It’s quite probably that Kael’thas will already be available by the time the game is officially released.

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