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Steam Greenlight Spotlight: Shape of the World

Today’s Greenlight Spotlight is on Shape of the World, a first-person exploration game with procedurally-generated environments that grow around you. First off, the game’s beauty really drew me in. While the art style presents no realism, it fills my mind with sensations of relaxation and peace. This would be a perfect example of a game that I would love to see implement Oculus support. I could only imagine wandering through the gorgeous environments and feeling like you’re actually there. Hearing the sounds of the natural world as it grows around you, and experiencing the mysteries that this landscape has to offer.

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While there isn’t much gameplay involved in Shape of the World, there is definitely enough to keep me interested. I really love atmospheric exploration games, and this is no exception to that rule. Shape of the World features a dynamic environment that grows around you, and provides you with various hints at wonderful landmarks that you can experience if you keep exploring. These hints are what is meant to drive you to progress in the game, and I feel that this is a great way to get people interested in continuing to explore the world for more than a few minutes.


While it’s not a conventional or action-oriented game, Shape of the World manages to catch my eye with it’s stunning and unique visuals as well as its interesting landmark premise. As simple as it is, I feel that its world will provide a solid few hours of relaxation and entertainment before I decide to venture back into the world of high-tension gaming. While those games are fantastic, it’s always nice to have one like Shape of the World, which manages to relax and comfort you regardless of the woes of the day. Shape of the World is looking for approval on Greenlight, so be sure to leave a vote and some constructive feedback if you have the time.

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