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Bethesda Releases New DOOM Teaser Trailer

During E3 2014, Bethesda surprised everybody with a teaser trailer for DOOM, which revealed next to nothing about the game beyond big scary aliens, big guns, and the fact that opening doors will be making the same sound they always have. It was a huge announcement for the gaming world as a whole, with the original DOOM being such a massive influence over not only the shooter genre, but as the way that games were experienced as a whole. DOOM set in stone the principles that preside over modern map design, player experience, and theming in video games. Beyond that, the trailer just looked really cool.

Now, Bethesda is getting ready to hit us with their proverbial BFG during E3 2015, releasing a brand new teaser trailer for DOOM. It’s not too much to look at, once again showing us not much else aside from spooky aliens and big shotguns – two things that are, if nothing else, the trademark of DOOM. While I’m sure fans of the DOOM series want more substance than that, this teaser is doing precisely what it’s meant to do: namely, teasing us. This trailer is nothing more than a knowing tap on the shoulder from our all-knowing overlords at Bethesda reminding us that yes, DOOM is coming this E3, and yes, it’s going to be big.

This will no doubt be a massive event for Bethesda, but nobody is letting them off the hook that easy. All eyes are still on them to announce the newest entry in the Fallout franchise, and if they can manage to do that along with pleasing fans of DOOM with what they reveal at E3, they’re sure to be a fan favorite by all means. Nobody can read the minds of the fine folks doing PR for Bethesda, but you can be sure that they have some good tricks up their sleeves this summer to make it a memorable, E3.

This DOOM teaser is one of the purest examples of PR departments stirring up hype right before E3, and as an informed consumer, you should definitely be aware of the schemes in marketing that hype so often masks, but at the same time, be aware that some healthy excitement can only make this E3 do better at being what it ought to be  – an extraordinary holiday for the gaming community. Whatever Bethesda uses the stage for this summer, make sure that you have a fun E3.

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