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6 Must-Own Xbox One Games

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Say what you will about Ubisoft’s evident inability to mix up the AC series, and their intent to milk it dry, but there is an exception to every rule, and Black Flag is an exceptional exception. Unlike its sequel- Assassin’s Creed Unity, Black Flag brought a new angle to the series, in the form of its Caribbean setting. Travelling on sea from island to island in the tremendously sprawling world, whilst experiencing naval battles in the process is something that we neither saw coming nor imagined would have worked in a game so focused on its free-running and silent assassination mechanics. And yet it is perfect as a way to evenly split the game into two distinct and equally engaging dynamics to experience, and it prevents one or the other getting tiresome.

♪ “Black sails rippling in the wind” ♪

Along with its massive world that is free to roam, the actual storyline is lengthy and there are a number of side quests and treasure hunts to pursue-and upon reaching the game’s conclusion you will likely want to return to this game to scour the depths of the ocean and the thick jungles for any treasure and unlockables. Unlike in previous Assassin’s Creed titles, you actually feel incentive to collect as much money as possible to upgrade and customize your ship as well as hoard all the outfits you can find (although you get a headstart if you are an AC veteran, as you are given free outfits of the prior AC protagonists, providing you have other AC games owned under the same Uplay account). Edward Kenway, your protagonist, is a surprisingly charming and likeable Welsh pirate who plunders and pillages, for personal gain, in order to live a happy life with his Wife. The story takes a number of unexpected turns that may even have you teary-eyed by the end. It resolves beautifully and frankly it is not only the greatest Assassin’s Creed game ever made, but it is without a doubt one of the best accomplishments of this generation!

The most emotional moment in any AC game

When you resurface from the sparkling ocean for the first time, to find yourself gazing upon an intricately detailed, tropical paradise of an island that you can freely explore, you will then understand just why this game is so special.

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