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6 Must-Own Xbox One Games

Grand Theft Auto V


While Rockstar are smart enough to not reinvent the wheel, they still know how to take time with each iteration of GTA so that it looks and plays beautifully at launch and brings something new to the table. GTA V is their boldest, grandest and most epic effort thus far and with the revamped version of GTA V they took one of the best games of last generation and made it easily one of the best of this generation too. The first person view adds a literally whole new dimension to the experience, and they definitely did not half-arse it as you will see from the tight gunplay, and excellent visual quality, even in car and plane cockpits that feature functional controls and dials.

Who would have thought that first person would work so well?

The game itself features that same gob-smacking large open world with exceptional variety- from dense forests and rolling hills, barren deserts and bustling cities full of life and noise. As with any GTA game, you have unprecedented freedom, whether you want to; brawl and murder innocent civilians, steal and then drive and pilot cars, boats and planes, stick-up shop keepers, go to the strip club for a drink and a lap dance, engage in car chases, solicit prostitutes for some 1 on 1 time, go hunting for some wild animals, clash with the cops and do almost anything your mind can conjure up in this vast sandbox.

Classy neighborhood

It was not just a texture increase that Rockstar achieved with the next-gen version, but also re-worked animations, new models, higher populated areas, more traffic, better draw distances, better water effects, better reflections, better foliage, better lighting and shadowing effects and the list goes on.

All in all, if you did not know better, you would assume that it was a game built up specifically for these consoles in mind, as it looks deceptively next-generation. While the core gameplay is mostly the same as before, the game is prettier than ever and if you either missed out first time around or have since ditched it, it is well worth experiencing this generation’s version in all its graphical glory, with superior performance and a reworked online experience that functions near-flawlessly. The Online is a unique game itself in its own right, feeling like an open world MMORPG- and the intense bank heists that you and your friends can pull of together make it the game that every Heat fan has always wanted!

This is what a cheeky night out with the lads looks like on GTA V

It is an immersive spectacle, it is absolutely grand and above anything, it is a ridiculous time-sink that will be responsible for sucking your life away.

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