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LEGO Harry Potter Collection Announced

LEGO has had a surprisingly strong presence in the world of video gaming, having found a unique niche. Various stories, such as Batman, Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Avengers, have all been given a LEGO game. The developers of these games take a very humorous approach in regards to tone, with plenty of slapstick and parody elements to be found. That, along with the ability to play as nearly every character that appears, has given them a strong reliable fanbase that keeps coming back for more. Those fans will be glad to hear that the LEGO Harry Potter Collection has been announced.

There have been two LEGO Harry Potter games released by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4, and LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7. Both games will be combined and remastered onto one disk for the release of the collection. Two DLC packs that had been sold for the games will also be including as part of the overall package. This includes a character pack that adds such familiar faces as Peeves, Ron Weasley as a Ghoul, Luna Lovegood with a Lion head, Lockhard in a straightjacket, and Harry and Hermione dressed for the Yule Ball. The other DLC pack is comprised of spells, allowing players to turn people into ducks, tentacles, and trap their heads in pumpkins.

For some reason the LEGO Harry Potter Collection has only been announced for the Playstation 4. It is not clear, at the time of writer, if it is an exclusive or if other versions of the game simply aren’t ready yet. Regardless, the LEGO Harry Potter collection will be released on October 21st of this year. It has been rated PEGI 7, and while there is no word on the ESRB rating the E+10 the other Harry Potter LEGO games received is likely.

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