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DC Comics Step In To Save The Day

End of an era for Marvel

Comic book fans worldwide enjoyed the immensely popular licensed slot games online featuring their favourite superheroes, which included The Incredible HulkThe Avengers, Daredevil and X-Men. However, following Disney’s acquisition of Marvel in 2009, the agreement with software developers Playtech and Cryptologic didn’t fit in with their family-friendly image, so it was decided these partnerships would cease to exist. Cryptologic’s deal finished shortly after the takeover, and Playtech had a contract until April 2017. All online casinos that had hosted Marvel games had to withdraw them. This was a blow to fans, and developers looked elsewhere for an alternative and found DC Comics.

DC Comics is subsidiary of Warner Bros Entertainment, and have had a number of famous film adaptions, such as Justice League, the Green Lantern and the many versions of Superman and Batman. There is a big scope here for a lot of popular slot games and developers.

Amaya Gaming

Cryptologic was the first software developer to get a deal with DC Comics and produced slot games with great features and bonuses. Amaya Gaming has now taken over a few of the games, which include Justice League, Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash and Wonder Woman.


Software developer Microgaming was the next company to get on board and produced slot games named The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises in 2013, based on the films of the same name. Microgaming’s license expired in 2016, and their casinos no longer feature DC Comic slot games.


Having huge success previously with the Marvel slots before Disney slashed the deal, Playtech joined the party in 2016 and started developing DC branded slots. Their deal allowed them to produce a number of games based on Batman and Superman and included:

  • Batman and Mr. Freeze Fortune
  • Batman and the Batgirl Bonanza
  • Batman and the Penguin Prize
  • Batman and the Riddler Riches
  • Batman and Catwoman Cash
  • Batman and the Joker Jewels
  • Superman The Movie
  • Superman II

These games have proven very popular, and early in 2017 Playtech obtained a new contract with Warner Bros to produce games based on the DC films Batman, Suicide Squad, and Justice League. Playtech wants the same prize opportunities to be available to every player on every game, so they have created a progressive jackpot network called DC Super Heroes Jackpot. Therefore, no matter what game you are playing, you have a chance of winning the mega jackpot.

Despite the huge popularity of the DC slots, a few Marvel fans are unconvinced and miss those games from Playtech. However, Age of Gods is now appearing on many casinos online and has many of the same features and the progressive jackpot that we loved about the Marvel slots.

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