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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Preview – New videos and screenshots

The internet has been in an uproar for the last two weeks, as news of the development of a realistic RPG set in medieval times has emerged. A relatively unknown studio named Warhorse sits behind the project, but the team is formed out of highly experienced individuals. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is the name of the game, and what a game this promises to be! Yes, we are aware it’s a kickstarter project, and very often, these projects are lackluster games. However, Stoic’s The Banner Saga recently proved how great the kickstarter system really is, and based on what we’ve seen about Kingdom Come: Deliverance, we’re not worried in the slightest. Just take a look at the game:

Perhaps you are hyped enough now? You should be. This is what I imagined the lovechild of Gothic and Chivalry would look like. The guys at Warhorse decided to cut off any fantasy elements, and focus on as much realism as possible. That is evident in everything, from how a single sword slash can take out your opponent, to the clothing and armor styles of the game. Speaking of which, take a look at this new video explaining how customization will work and how armors are designed:

It seems there won’t be a shortage of things to wear. If you’ve felt a need to look like a medieval bum, you’ll certainly have the chance in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The game also looks stunningly good, and the developers are using the powerful CryEngine 3 to bring their middle-age world to life. Unlike most kickstarter projects, this game will most likely take its toll on your hardware. And speaking of kickstarter, you might want to consider backing the game. The developers originally started out with a £300.000 goal, and are currently sitting on over £600.000 from donations, after just two weeks. That means we’ll be getting female protagonists in the game, as well as a comprehensive medieval orchestrated score. Backing the game will land you a multitude of rewards, from chances to beta and even alpha-test the game, to a very cool and real, crafted sword. You’ve heard right! For the more generous backers, Warhorse will be supplying real-life, real-size swords, made for chopping off limbs. Those are actually sharp and heavy, and are not toys.

But wait, there’s more! As I’ve stated before, Kingdom Come: Deliverance will focus on recreating a medieval world as realistically as possible. To that end, the developers have done some serious research in architecture and castles, and the landscapes and buildings of the game are modeled based on real-life buildings of those times. This is literally a chance to virtually explore the stone castles of old, while beheading some pesky guards with your heavy two-handed sword. Take a look at how Warhorse is building the game’s urban and rural landscapes:

So what else is there to look forward to? Well, huge realistic battles, a complex combat system with parrying and counter-attacking, a choice-based story-line with multiple endings, and open-world ripe for exploring, gorgeous villages and picturesque landscapes to feast your eyes upon and much, much more. The game is still in mid-phase development, so we have quite the wait ahead, but by all accounts, our patience will most likely pay off. And, should you need more convincing, take a look at some breathtaking new screenshots for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, below.

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